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php-fpm maintenance mode

How to grace­ful­ly han­dle PHP errors? Tired of get­ting angry clients calls, when­ev­er you imple­ment some­thing new and their web­site breaks down? This arti­cle is for you! Sin­gle-site/site-wide ver­sion Grace­ful way to han­dle script errors, is to hook up to PHP’s shut­down pro­ce­dure and make it work. So, we call upon   and tell it ‘every… read more »


Instal­la­tion Debian / Ubun­tu To install sys­bench on Debian, all you have to do is issue this com­mand or in case, you’re not authen­ti­cat­ed as root. Cen­tos / Red­Hat / Fedo­ra To install sys­bench on Cen­tos or sim­i­lar fla­vors of Lin­ux, run Source Installing sys­bench from source is also easy, explained on it’s github page… read more »

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is a won­der­ful plu­g­in devel­oped by a tal­ent­ed team of pro­gramers from Tuc­son, Ari­zona, called Nuanced Media. The plu­g­in allows your vis­i­tors to rate your web­site and/or prod­ucts on it, along with writ­ing of a sim­ple review. Actu­al­ly, the plu­g­in is quite bril­liant, espe­cial­ly with amount of half-cooked or “BUY-ME-PROs’” a typ­i­cal Word­Press… read more »